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Quality Assurance

We ensure on-time part delivery with quality which meets customer expectations

Dimension Inspection Report

  • A dimensional inspection report is a summary sheet of the inspection done on the physical part
  • It includes a print with critical or highlighted dimensions in the drawing
  • This is usually a circled or squared number close to each dimension in the drawing
  • Dimension inspection report will be created on request
  • CMM and calipers will be used for hard to reach areas
  • Dimension report will be provided for critical dimension unless specified in the drawing
  • Specify clearly (balloon/square) in the drawing which dimension(s) need to be checked

Material Test Report

  • Material test report(MTR) is the document which acts as a certified record of a material’s physical and chemical properties
  • Assuring proper compliance, reporting, and application purposes
  • Standards, such as ANSI and ASME or std. provided by the customer
  • MTR will be provided on request and chargeable. Available for metals
  • Material certificates are provided by the raw material supplier contains details of the chemical composition
  • Material certificates are provided on request and available on FOC basis

Sample Approval Plan

  • Sample approval plan is the procedure to verify if the part quality meets customer expectations prior to full production
  • Customer can check fit, form and function at its place
  • Once confirmed by the customer, full production will resume
  • If any modifications needed, submit the updated designs to incorporate those changes
  • Additional cost impact for the major modifications
  • SAP available for injection molding, 3D printing(for large orders)

Supplier Quality Assurance

  • Exclusive partnership with manufacturers to ensure consistent quality, each time
  • All manufacturing partners are automotive grade
  • Well versed with general industrial standards and practices
  • Relevant ISO certifications for compliances

Intellectual Property Right Protection

  • Data stored in secure servers with industry grade encryption
  • NDAs with customers and suppliers to ensure compliances
  • Full confidentiality from start to the end