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Covered by our refund policy:

  1. If for any reason, we are unable to finish the product, you will receive a full refund for the order.
  2. If your item arrives but is broken during shipment, we will work with you to either manufacture your product again, or provide a refund, depending on the level of damage and the total value of the order, in some occasion, we might ask you to return the product to us in order to receive a refund or to have it refurbished.Do not return the model unless we require you to do so.

NOT covered by our refund policy:

  1. If you received your order but the part turns out non-functional, you will not receive a refund as 3D SculpLab cannot be held responsible for errors in the 3D model & technical data/drawing.
  2. If the item has arrived for over 5 days (starting from the arrival date in tracking information provided by the courier) and you didn’t report any issues, you will not be entitled for refund/remake.
  3. If the item you uploaded didn’t meet the requirement of the designing rules of the material, but you still requested to manufacture it anyway, you are not entitled to get a refund/remake.